Spielberg': Film Review

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Spielberg': Film Review

Spielberg': Film Review

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6 окт. 2017
It might not take a cast of thousands — or, well, dozens — to celebrate one man's body of work, but when you're talking about the movies of Steven Spielberg, with their crowd-pleasing sweep and often groundbreaking artistic influence, a plethora of commentators makes sense.

For her engaging documentary on his half-century of filmmaking, American Masters creator Susan Lacy spoke with more than two dozen of Spielberg's famous colleagues and creative collaborators, and she and editor Deborah Peretz have incisively distilled and orchestrated their observations. But it's the nearly 30 hours of interviews that Lacy conducted with her cheerfully self-reflective subject that give Spielberg its revelatory oomph and make it so memorable.

Taking its public bow at the New York Film Festival two days before its premiere Saturday on HBO, the documentary is an intimate portrait of an exceedingly unpretentious visionary and a compelling argument for how deeply personal the most box-office-friendly filmmaking can be.

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Форум поклонников группы Motley CRUE »   Кинематограф »   Spielberg': Film Review

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Spielberg': Film Review

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