'I Kill Giants': Film Review

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'I Kill Giants': Film Review


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6 окт. 2017
Anders Walter makes his feature debut adapting a graphic novel about a troubled, fantasy-prone girl.
A teenage girl flees from emotional trauma into a world of make-believe peril in I Kill Giants, Anders Walter's adaptation of the comic book by Joe Kelly. Set in a Northeastern coastal community and making good use of local scenery, the picture creates an inviting world while treading much the same ground as last year's England-set TIFF entry A Monster Calls. Though less persuasive than that J.A. Bayona film, this one will find admirers on the fest circuit, resonating especially with fantasy-lovers who felt like outcasts in school.

Madison Wolfe stars as Barbara, a loner who spends most of her time on the beach and in the forest, laying traps for the giants she believes are a constant threat to her town. Offering just enough glimpses of these monsters to keep us wondering if they perhaps are meant to be real, the film is unambiguous about the fact that Barbara is hurting. She and her brother are being raised by her big sister Karen (Imogen Poots), for reasons that aren't immediately explained, and she is all but friendless at school, where the new faculty therapist Mrs. Molle (Zoe Saldana) is working hard to connect with her.

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Форум поклонников группы Motley CRUE »   Кинематограф »   'I Kill Giants': Film Review

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